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Welcome to the Portfolio of Yannick Willems, better known by the online handle I6NIS. This is where you can find my best work for your viewing pleasure.

I've always been intrigued by CGI animations, with movies like Toy story and Monsters inc. still being two of my favourite movies of all time. It's because of movies like these i already knew at a young age i wanted to do something 3D-related later with my life. I also developed an interest in videogames, and when the day came to choose an education, i decided to go for a Game Art & Design Degree at MAD - Faculty in Genk.

While 3d became a part of my college courses, i still practice it most at home, where i'm constantly working on little personal projects, or co-operating with other groups to bring models to life in games or movies. But outside of this i also enjoy Photography, good movies, mountain trekking and cats.

While i do have an affinity for modeling characters, i have no problem modeling other kinds of items, such as props or backgrounds.

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